Watermist System
Watermist Applications
 Crown Fire Protection systems can be used for two different functions; fire control and fire suppression.

Fire Control (total flood application):

• Telecommunication centres
• Archives
• Flammable liquid spills
• Computer rooms
• Cable trays

Fire Suppression (local application):

• Combustibles warehouses
• Commercial kitchens and food production
• Diesel engines and alternators
• Engine test cells
• Turbine and transformer rooms
• Spray booths

 The WaterFog systems operate between pressures of 80-200 bar, discharging water as very small droplets at very high speed to form a ‘fog’. This fog creates a large area that effectively suppresses the fire, penetrating the combustion zone and cooling the surrounding region.

The three main actions of the system are:

• Prevention of heat transfer radiation
• Starving of the fire through displacement of oxygen
• Cooling of the fuel
Crown Fire Water WaterMist Applications
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