What is Watermist
Watermist Benefits:

Why is Watermist so good?

What makes watermist so effective for so many different applications?

 Uses less water than conventional sprinkler systems

• Using typically only 10% of the water that a traditional sprinkler system uses has many benefits including:-

• Less damage to property/equipment, fast/cheap cleanup and reinstatement.

• Alleviates run-off concerns, in areas such as “cut off” rooms containing flammables.

• Helps minimise run-off volume, water usage is critical in Europe where building owners must provide a collection area for run-off.

1 Litre of Water
Droplet size in mm Quantity of Droplets Surface Coverage in m ² Time to Steam (Seconds)
1000µ (Sprinkler) 19000 6 6
300µ (Mist) 5,700,000 20 0.002
100µ (Fog) 1,900,000,000 60 0.0000006

 Works in partially ventilated area

Unlike Halon,CO2 or Hypoxic systems, water mist will work in areas where doors or vents have been left open. Gas or air conditioning based systems typically require a sealed area so that the gas concentration can be achieved to extinguish the fire (or in the case of Hypoxic prevent fire starting.

 Smoke Scrubbing Qualities

Some smoke and toxic gases are absorbed by the atomized spray and eventually settle with the water.

 Safer than CO2

There have been numerous instances of injuries and even deaths as a result of accidental CO2 discharges during routine maintenance and other situations. Watermist is not only environmentally benign but totally safe for occupied areas.

WaterMist & WaterFog
are environmentally sound
 Prevents Re-ignition

Because of its fast and effective Because effective cooling effect and volume filling ability, watermist systems are very good at preventing re-ignition even of oil bath or other “pool” type fires. In Factory Mutual Research tests attempts to re-ignite fires with a torch were often impossible because the watermist put the torch out.
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