Watermist System
High Pressure WaterFog
 Crown Fire high pressure WaterFog systems, quickly and efficiently extinguish fires and successfully eliminate the hazard of re-ignition. Likewise
fog can be used in traditional applications as an alternative to sprinklers and for fixed gas extinguishing systems where problems such as room integrity (e.g. transformer rooms) or extract (e.g. computer rooms) are issues.

 High pressure WaterFog systems extinguish the fire using a combination of processes:

• Smothering of the flame front
• Cooling as the mist turns to steam
• Attenuation of heat radiation, preventing flame spread
• Starves the fire of oxygen
• Rapid heat obsortion

There are two types of system which are generally specified by nozzle quantity, run time and flow rates.

Cylinder Systems

Utilised where a system is small or a water supply is not available. The water is discharged by nitrogen cylinders pressurised typically at 200 bar (2900 psi)

Pump Systems
water is stored in a break tank and fed to the Fog high pressure nozzles via electrical/ diesel operated piston pumps typically at 100 Bar (1450 psi)
WaterFog Configuration Option
Open (Deluge)

A WaterFog System that uses a network of pipe which connects open discharge heads to a pressurised water supply via a valve. This valve can be controlled either mechanically or by means of a detection system.
Once the valve is opened, water is released into the pipe network and is discharged from all heads within that network.

Dry Pipe

A WaterFog system is a monitored low pressure, closed head system which will only operate upon loss of pressure within the pipe network. Upon loss of pressure the pipe network will be filled with water, this will then actuate the high pressure pumps discharging Fog through any opened heads.


A WaterFog system similar to a dry pipe system but supplemented with a smoke or flame detection system. Once the detection system is activated the dry pipe system valve will open allowing low pressure water to enter the pipe network. Upon activation of a frangible bulb the jockey pump will be activated which will be unable to maintain the low monitoring pressure. This will then activate the high pressure pump/s. This will then discharge Fog via any opened heads.

Wet Pipe

A WaterFog system which uses automatic frangible bulb discharge heads connected to a pressurised water supply and continually containing water. Water will be discharged immediately from any head detecting the heat of a fire.
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