Watermist System
Low Pressure WaterMist System
 The automatic low pressure WaterMist is an ideal alternative to traditional sprinklers in Light Hazard applications and in Ordinary Hazard 1 applications for hotels, care homes, residential and offices etc.

The key advantages are larger area of coverage than traditional sprinklers and a lower k-factor. This results in less water quantity per area of maximum operation. The installation cost benefits include the use of smaller diameter pipe, smaller pump sets and significantly smaller capacity supply water tanks.

The determined number of nozzles, connected via a network of fire rated CPVC pipe, copper or stainless steel pipe are concealed in the ceiling and the water only released when the system is activated.

Alarm Valves are designed to test and detect water flow in low pressure water mist systems. Alarm Valves are normally installed to Zone water mist areas, for example, per floor.

Type Sprinkler Mist
Pressure at nozzle 0.5 bar 4 bar
Way of extinguishing Cooling Cooling and suffocation
Water consumption 51 / min / m ² 1.61 / mim / m ²
Pipe size Large Small
Recomended pipe material Black Steel Plastic / copper / stainless steel
Pump working pressure < 10 bar < 12 bar
Fitting Threaded Quick fit
Maximum area per nozzle 12 m ² 25 m ²

 Low pressure water mist pumps sets are specialcally designed for use in low pressure systems and consist of:

Duty Pump
Standby Pump (optional)
Jockey Pump
Control Panel
Test Manifold
Mounting Framework

WaterMist Configuration Options
Open (Deluge)

A WaterMist System that uses a network of pipe which connects open discharge heads to a pressurised water supply via a valve. This valve can be controlled either mechanically or by means of a detection system. Once the valve is opened, water is released into the pipe network and is discharged from all heads within that network.

Dry Pipe

A WaterMist System is a monitored low pressure, closed head system which will only operate upon loss of pressure within the pipe network. Upon loss of pressure the pipe network will be filled with water, this will then activate the pumps, discharging mist through any opened heads.


A WaterMist system similar to a dry pipe system but supplemented with a smoke or flame detection system. Once the detection system is activated the dry pipe system valve will open allowing low pressure water to enter the pipe network. Upon activation of a frangible bulb the jockey pump will be activated which will be unable to maintan the low monitoring pressure. This will then activate the high pressure pump/s. This will then discharge mist via opened heads.

Wet Pipe

A WaterMist System which uses automatic frangible bulb discharge heads connected to a pressurised water supply and continually containing water. Water will be discharged immediately from any head detecting the heat of a fire.
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